Customer Service Workshop


Protect your company’s reputation by having additional customer service training for email, telephone, online (Zoom), social media and face-to-face conversations.  Customer loyalty is really hard to maintain, so protect your brand, and help yourself and your staff deal with customers and difficult conversations. Staff need to be able to detect and diffuse conflict and aggressive behavior, and manage it professionally when it does happen.  Learn to be assertive without being aggressive, and how to avoid an argument. 

Who Will Benefit?

This course is for anyone looking to increase their ability to make customers (or people in general) happy and keep the peace when conflict arises. Ideal for those in management, or those who have a lot of face-time with staff and clients in sales positions, customer service positions, or for those involved in training. 

*Want a PREVIEW of your trainer and key customer service topics?  Watch/listen to Ric Phillips as a podcast guest with iTristan Media, discussing the importance of focusing on the human experience in your business in the episode "Redux: Customer Experience Needs to Come from Every Corner of your Business" here:

What You Will Learn: 

A few of the things you can customize for your team with Customer Service Rules of Engagement:  

  • What is ‘customer service’ and ‘profession communication’?
    • Why mis-communication is common
    • The 3Ps of effective communication
    • Is the customer always right?  Discussing different points of view
    • Email etiquette tips and tone
    • Email correction and discussion
    • Telephone etiquette tips and tone
    • Strategies for difficult calls - online as well
    • Handling difficult calls/people
    • In-person techniques and attitude
    • Anticipating problems
    • Sensing the tone
    • Calm before the storm – setting up your body language and voice
    • Conflict management techniques using shape theory
    • Review of recordings, if applicable

Workshop Components:

All workshops include:

  • Light PowerPoint
    • Demonstrations/Role-plays
    • Constant group interaction
    • Group participation
    • Optional Workbook/Handout

Required Investment In Time:

Customer Service training workshops can be run either as a single 3-hour workshop or as a series of two 3-hour workshops.  We recommend having a follow-up quiz or practicum for the participants, to ensure information retention.

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