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Ric Phillips - Founder, President of 3V Communications

***Ranked #13 "Communication Professional" in 2022 by Global Gurus!

Ric Phillips has been studying human communication all his life, and also teaching communication skills professionally since 1998, here and abroad. Ric understands the damage caused by mis-communication or worse yet, by boring, non-persuasive communication, especially in business. He believes there is no reason to accept generic or below-par corporate communications in today’s world. Ric brings top verbal and non-verbal communication skills to each session, delivered in a dynamic, practical and easy-to-understand style that is specifically tailored to any industry.

In a nutshell, Ric is an executive communication coach and corporate trainer who can help anyone communicate with simplicity, clarity and confidence.  He is the creator of the 3V Communications (TM) system and is President here at 3V Communications.  He is also Executive Director of the NCCA (Nat'l Communication Coaching Assoc. of Canada) and a Director/Instructor with YEDI (York Entrepreneurship Development Institute.)  In addition, he is a part-time instructor of multiple courses at York University in Toronto. 

Ric studied sociology & psychology at university and holds additional certifications in coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and body language analysis. He is currently pursuing his MBA.

He has taught business communication skills seminars locally at Seneca College, Brock University, University of Toronto, Schulich Executive Education Centre and York University, and outside of Canada in China, Russia, Israel, Armenia, France, Japan and the United States.  He is a frequent conference speaker, including at TEDx, where he spoke about the "Long Life of First Impressions."

As an author of books, articles and a blog since 2006, Ric is an expert in communications, public speaking techniques and body language analysis, frequently called upon by the media to provide pundit opinion on business people, politicians and celebrities.  More about Ric can be found at:



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Certified 3V Communication Coaches offer their services independently as well as in collaboration with 3V Communications. 


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