3V Coaching Programs

Because we don’t always fit into a pre-planned curriculum or template, it’s important to have the opportunity to get a tailored personal program created specifically for you, which considers your current unique situation, the obstacles around you, and your goals to achieve in the near future.

Executive coaching is always customized to you as an individual as well as to your specific industry and position.  Coaching is a partnership where the coach helps move you along quickly to the next level of your goals, by assessing your communication strengths and weaknesses, outlining a plan to achieve goals and moving you forward with lively sessions and homework in between. 

“There really is nothing better than having your own private coach.”

Benefits of Individual Attention: We customize the coaching program to your specific industry, your position at the company, and your cultural background and accent if you are not a native English speaker. The 1:1 ratio means you don’t have to share Q & A with anyone else.  A relationship is quickly formed and the tailoring begins immediately.  

Each 3V coaching program is led by an experienced coach and is tailored to particular job and industry, where possible.  Although seeing your coach once every two weeks is typical, clients can arrange the coaching sessions according to their comfort level and work schedule.  3V coaching can occur online, on-site or at our midtown Toronto office.  These aspects will be discussed during a free consultation.

1. Interpersonal

Interpersonal skills help you relate better to others, and help them better relate to you. They encourage friendships and good relationships of every kind, and good communication skills make these benefits easier to obtain. With this in mind, why wouldn’t everyone want to improve their ability to communicate effectively?  Read More...

2. Professional

Business runs smoothly when everyone is using professional communication skills.  Without them, business becomes less efficient, less productive and ultimately less profitable.  Enhancing the professional communication of yourself, your managers or other staff will instantly give you the ROI that you can see and hear on a daily basis.  Read More...

3. ESL/ Cultural

The world is global and immigration is at an all time high.  Chances are you are working for a company that uses English as the primary language of business communications, whether you are currently in an English-speaking country or not.  Help yourself or your employees get to the next level of English language proficiency.  Communicate and relate better to clients, colleagues and friends.  Improve your English to improve your place at the company and in your life.  Read More...