About 3V Communications

3V Communications is partly inspired by the work of Dr. Albert Mehrabian.  Some of his early but important studies showed that feelings and attitude were conveyed to others 7% through words, 38% by voice tone and 55% by facial expressions. That meant that in those limited studies, 93% of interactive communication was non-verbal. Even though this was based on limited studies a long time ago and absolutely cannot be applied broadly today to all communication interactions (as some trainers might suggest), it serves to remind us that there are three modalities of communication (What I call the 3Vs) and that the old adage remains true:  It’s not what you say, but how you say it!

The 3Vs are: Verbal (our words, phrases, grammar, slang etc.), Vocal (our rhythm, speed, volume, intonation etc.) and Visual (body language, gestures, attire, accessories, environment, etc.).  When we synchronize the 3Vs we get a 4th V - a Vibe.  That is the feeling we receive from someone's verbal and non-verbal communication.  To be clear, the "3Vs of Communication" are a concept coined by founder Ric Phillips in 2006, and not by Dr. Mehrabian.  He never used that expression with his work. 

3V Communications (or '3V' for short) is owned and operated by Ric Phillips and works with other coaches, trainers and companies in its pursuit to provide the private and public sector with the highest standard in interpersonal and professional communication training. Since 2002, Ric's professional coaching has aided individuals, organizations, government and companies in reaching their communication development goals, sky-rocketing confidence levels, and realizing new potential.  3V Communications was incorporated in 2007.

3V Communications coaches individuals and executives. We use a holistic approach that includes verbal, vocal and visual communication skills training. We offer one-to-one private executive communication coaching. We specialize in training managers, supervisors, executives, directors, independent professionals and entrepreneurs. We have extensive knowledge training professionals with ESL (English as a Second Language) as well. 

3V Communications offers customized communication skills development for your team/staff.  We create highly engaging and interactive communication workshops (see Workshops page) for companies both here and abroad. Corporate training workshops can be accompanied by pre/post assessments, or individual coaching.  

3V Communications creates industry-specific communication assessments (see Assessments page) for individuals or organizations that help evaluate candidates for recruiting and training purposes.  

Our Coaching Model/Philosophy:

We believe in the “hybrid coaching”™ model. It combines current, effective coaching models, self-discovery and core competencies taken from Life and Business coaching, and we also incorporate more traditional coaching and training methodology to provide information and instruction as well. Our overall philosophy is "Theory - Practice - Play" which improves communications on a holistic, complete level, examining the verbal, the vocal and the visual aspects of communication.  There will be homework, external links to resources, and material provided.  The client will also be able to continuously analyze and self-assess actions and thoughts on communication style, choices and effectiveness. 

Let us know how we can help improve your professional and interpersonal communication skills!