Accent Reduction Coaching


In the 3V Communications program the aim is to reduce accent, improve clarity and confidence, and conquer your accent by learning how to speak through it. It reduces accent and improves communication in North American English. We modify accent through something I call “A.U.D.I.O.” ™ 

Awareness – The first step is to compare your speaking and pronunciation, stress, rhythm, etc. with native (Canadian) English to notice differences and set clear goals to improve your clarity.

Understanding – Understand how sounds are formed by looking at the bio-mechanics of the mouth, the parts of speech and the strategies required to quickly improve.

Drilling – This is where one-on-one coaching or small group workshops re-program your brain and body to make the correct sounds and improve overall fluency of public speaking. We use comparative sounds, alliteration, tongue twisters, etc. and practice, practice, practice!

Integration – We incorporate your modified words, pace, stress, etc. into your daily social and working life. We use industry-specific or activity-specific vocabulary to get you speaking clearly and confidently about the things you do everyday.

Ongoing – Like anything in life we must continue to practice what we have learned and have ongoing assessments to ensure you are not slipping back into your old accent habits. Review materials provided.

Who Will Benefit?

A leader needs to clearly explain the corporate vision to investors, shareholders and staff.  A manager needs to ensure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, and must use email, phone and face-to-face communication on a constant daily basis.  Having labored speaking slows things down considerably and may even affect the productivity and profitability of a company.

These days there are many valuable leaders, managers and other staff who use English as a second language every day to communicate in this global business world. Some have immigrated to a new country to work, while others are foreign workers who are living temporarily in a host country.  Still others are using ESL daily from their native home to do business with the world.

There is nothing wrong with having an accent.  Cultural diversity is a strength.  The problem is when poor pronunciation, wrong word choice and/or cultural misunderstandings negatively affect the delivery of important information, and thus cause confusion.  This ineffective communication troubles the company or organization and also affects the individual’s personal confidence.  It is an obstacle to success.

What You Will Learn:

At 3V we specialize in coaching non-native English speaking leaders and managers.  We cover accent reduction, business English, North American culture and professional communication strategies, like writing and public speaking and presentation skills.  An assessment will help determine what is needed and how long it will take to achieve goals, and each program is tailored to the individual and the industry.

Program Components:

  • Consultation via phone or face to face – personal/professional goals defined
    • Session 1: Full pronunciation assessment – consonant, vowel, stress, grammar & delivery challenges identified and a plan is mapped out.
    • Sessions 2: Focused work on identified pronunciation and speaking weaknesses using pronunciation textbook and audio support, including my own voice, plus loose-leaf materials.
    • Includes practice with advanced readings, alliteration, idioms & expressions etc. and industry-specific vocabulary based on your industry and daily work assignments.
    • Improve speed, volume, rhythm, pacing, organization, persuasion and delivery of speech
    • Total program runs for a recommended minimum of ten sessions, to ensure measurable results. The more you can do (with me or at home) the faster you will gain results.
    • Your goals and the results of the consultation/assessment will determine the length of program.   If desired we can add other communication training aspects to your program, such as writing, presentation skills, first impression management etc.

Required Investment In Time:

This customizable coaching program runs for a recommended minimum of 10 sessions, to ensure measurable results. The more you can do (with your coach and/or at home) the faster you will gain results. You can run the sessions as often as you like, according to what fits your comfort and schedule best. You will be assigned homework to keep you busy in between sessions.

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone, online, or face-to-face in Toronto.  Let’s get the conversation started to see if coaching is the right option for your communication improvement needs.