Accent Reduction Workshop


A leader needs to clearly explain the corporate vision to investors, shareholders and staff.  A manager needs to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, and must use email, phone and face-to-face communication on a constant daily basis.  Having laboured speaking slows things down considerably and may even affect the productivity and profitability of a company. There is nothing wrong with having an accent.  Cultural diversity is a strength.  The problem is when poor pronunciation, wrong word choice and/or cultural misunderstandings negatively affect the delivery of important information, and thus cause confusion.  This ineffective communication troubles the company or organization and also affects the individual’s personal confidence.  It is an obstacle to success.  Accent reduction can help.

Who Will Benefit?

These days there are many valuable leaders, managers and other staff who use English as a second language every day to communicate in this global business world. Some have immigrated to a new country to work, while others are foreign workers who are living temporarily in a host country.  Still others are using ESL daily from their native home to do business with the West.  Whichever the situation, accents are becoming normal in global business. 

What You Will Learn:

A few things you will learn in the Accent Reduction workshop include:

  • Discussion of why accent reduction is important, common challenges, and how to successfully modify your current speaking voice
  • Become more aware and be able to compare your speaking and pronunciation, stress, rhythm, etc. with native (Canadian) English to notice differences and set clear goals to improve your clarity.
  • Understand how sounds are formed by looking at the bio-mechanics of the mouth, the parts of speech and the strategies required to quickly improve.
  • Drill exercises to help re-program your brain and body to make the correct sounds and improve overall fluency. We use comparative sounds, industry-specific words, alliteration, tongue twisters, etc.
  • Introduction to self-diagnostic tools and available resources
  • Review of most common consonant and vowel sound pronunciation mistakes
  • Practice in proper North American English word and sentence stress, to improve delivery
  • Improve rhythm, speed, volume and intonation
  • Interactive quick fixes with the trainer as well as partner work

Workshop Components:

All workshops include:

  • Light PowerPoint
  • Demonstrations
  • Constant group interaction
  • Group participation
  • Workbooks

Required Investment In Time:

One full-day or two 3-hour workshops are suggested, but we are happy to discuss your unique needs.

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