The Initial 3V Process: From Consultation to Coaching

initial consultation of 3V programs

Wondering if a 3V communications coaching program is for you, or your employee?  Curious about the process?  Here is essentially what happens from initial consultation to full-on coaching, from my point of view, as your potential coach:

1. The process of your communication skill enhancement starts with an email or phone call to 3V, followed up perhaps with an online or face-to-face free consultation in Toronto (when possible).  I want to hear your communication skills goals, and the challenges you or your employee face.

2. Next I want to discuss with you the realities of your environment, and what opportunities are available to you, or your organization.  What has been tried before and how can I be better to ensure success?  We need an open and frank dialogue.

3. After the initial assessment during our consultation I will discuss with you current set programs (if relevant to your situation) and create a simple road-map of what I believe is the best way to achieve your goals, and what I would require to make that happen.  We would discuss schedules, program length, location, materials and of course fees.  You are not obligated to anything at this point.  It is all included in the consultation.

4. A formal proposal can be created and emailed to you within 2 days for your Manager/H.R. if you are asking for professional development reimbursement or subsidy.  Otherwise a simple email that recaps our conversation will be sent.

5. We can adjust the proposed coaching program as needed, and then when you are ready, we go forward!  Our first session is scheduled (either on-site, at our office or online) and an invoice will be created and emailed as per our agreement.

6. Coaching is dynamic and constantly in motion, meaning that we are able to adapt to specific requirements that may come up, either due to company requests or due to discovery during sessions.  We are able to adapt the program and focus on the most important communication skills, at all times, in the best interest of skill development.  Customization is our specialty.

7. After the initial program is complete we will give you a Certificate of Completion (if requested), and we can discuss if 3V can be of any more service to you or your company.  We welcome feedback at any time, and are happy to discuss program ROI and markers of success along the way.  We believe in continuous improvement of you, and us!