Quick Tips for Giving and Getting Media Interviews

Media scrum in Armenia

I recently gave my opinion on a LinkedIn discussion regarding the topic of how entrepreneurs could get noticed by the media.  As I have some experience in this matter, and also as I teach entrepreneurs and other coaches and trainers, I thought I should post my quick advice here as well.  Hope it helps.<--break->

I have had the good fortune of being interviewed by the media a number of times over the last number of years. I’ve given my ‘expert opinion’ as a Communication Coach & Body Language Expert for newspapers, magazines, radio shows and TV, both live and taped.  If someone asked me what my ‘secret’ was, I would say that I’m credible (due to the work put in previously with writing blogs, ebooks, articles, social media and other existing interviews) and I’m media-friendly in my appearance, voice, choice of words and overall disposition while being interviewed (i.e. my 3 Vs!). Even if/when I’m nervous, it’s hard to notice it.  I come off reasonably confident in my expertise, (or so I’ve been told) and that is what they, the media, are mostly looking for. They are looking for someone to take a stand (preferably a controversial one, but that’s another topic!) and speak confidently without waffling, and give some friendly and helpful ‘expert tips‘ on whatever the interview subject is, for the listeners/viewers/readers.

This is what my self-analysis has come up with. I hope this advice is transferable to others who are interested in giving successful media interviews, to improve their business or expert status.  If you have any particular questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me.