Business English Coaching


People judge communication skills based on a person’s speaking, writing, body language, and the ability to use the right kind of language choice for the right context. Spelling and grammar mistakes will create a negative impression, especially in a professional setting. Awkward sentences, incorrect phrases and cultural misunderstandings can also reflect poorly on the person, and may unfairly suggest incompetence. Anyone who is using English as a second language in a professional setting, regardless of which country they are currently living in, should take steps to ensure they are using the correct business English at work, as well as understand the office or country culture with which they are working with or for. 3V can help you gain more confidence in your business English communications.

Who Will Benefit?

A leader needs to clearly explain the corporate vision to investors, shareholders and staff.  A manager needs to ensure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, and must use email, phone and face-to-face communication on a constant daily basis.  Having labored speaking or incorrect writing slows things down considerably and may even affect the productivity and profitability of a company.

These days there are many valuable leaders, managers and other staff who use English as a second language every day to communicate in this global business world. Some have immigrated to a new country to work, while others are foreign workers who are living temporarily in a host country.  Still others are using ESL daily from their native home to do business with the world.

Cultural diversity is a strength.  However, the problem is when poor pronunciation, writing, wrong word choice and/or cultural misunderstandings negatively affect the delivery of important information, and thus cause confusion.  This ineffective communication troubles the company or organization and also affects the individual’s personal confidence.  It is an obstacle to success. Improving your business English skills will no doubt improve your confidence and raise your stock in the company.

What You Will Learn:

At 3V we specialize in coaching non-native English speaking leaders and managers.  We cover accent reduction, business English, North American culture and professional communication strategies, like writing and public speaking and presentation skills.  An assessment will help determine what is needed and how long it will take to achieve goals, and each program is tailored to the individual and the industry.

Program Components:

Business English needs are very personal, and depend on the individual’s current education and skill-set as well as their professional duties. An initial business English competency assessment can be performed at the beginning of a new program. A 3V business English program can include all or some of these professional communication strategies:

  • Accent reduction and public speaking improvement
    • Body language and voice tone cultural differences and expectations
    • Cultural awareness to help things go smoothly in meetings and at the office in general
    • Dynamic, appropriate conversations with staff, clients and other stakeholders
    • Grammar tweaking
    • Industry and region-specific idioms and cultural reference training
    • Listening comprehension exercises with business videos
    • Telephone and conference call skills including phrase choice and tone
    • Writing improvement for emails, memos and reports
    • Other components by request


Required Investment In Time:

This customizable coaching program runs for a recommended minimum of 10 sessions, to ensure measurable results. The more you can do (with your coach and/or at home) the faster you will gain results. You can run the sessions as often as you like, according to what fits your comfort and schedule best. You will also be assigned homework to keep you busy in between sessions.

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone, online, or face-to-face in Toronto.  Let’s get the conversation started to see if coaching is the right option for your communication improvement needs.