Communicating Confidently Coaching


Building confidence builds success.  Build greater self-awareness and self-esteem; develop confident verbal, vocal and visual communication habits that last and impact how you feel, act, look, sound and relate to others.  We all could use some reassurance and some more confidence.  This program allows you to life-coach yourself to build your self-confidence, and also teaches you effective, confident communication strategies to deal with others.

Who Will Benefit?

This program is ideal for people who need to assess and understand their current confidence levels, what stands in their way from more confidence, and build better communication habits for success.

What You Will Learn:

A few of the things you will learn in Communicating Confidence coaching include:

  • Introduction and overview of the world of confidence
    • Deep discovery – taking the ‘Confidence Assessment’
    • Creating a new attitude and a new role-model
    • Understanding and re-programming negative thoughts, feelings and memories from past events
    • Dealing with confidence-sapping people and your own negative self-talk
    • Conflict management and assertiveness techniques
    • The 3 golden keys to leading a confident life – Focus, Movement and Language
    • Review of key concepts and a quick confidence quiz
    • Resources to continue your self-development
    • Check-up session after program is complete

Program Components:

This program includes a 3V workbook, interactive and dynamic coaching sessions, and assigned homework both written and online, and a Certificate of Completion.

Required Investment In Time: 

This coaching program runs for 8 sessions.  You have the flexibility to space sessions out according to your comfort level and schedule.  This program relies a lot on doing homework before discussions at our sessions.  It can run concurrently with another communication training program.

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