Communication Coach Certification

Interested in Becoming a Communication Coach?

You will need to train under our system, learn our courses and philosophies etc. and be assessed.  At the end of training you will be certified and have a ton of material and knowledge that you can use for your coaching business.

What is a Communication Coach? 

There are different definitions according to various practicing coaches and their backgrounds.  Some coaches focus on writing, or public speaking, or leadership, etc. Some only coach while others offer corporate training and keynote speaking.  Some are authors and some frankly, attempt to do all.  At the end of training you can decide how general or specific you want to be when advertising your services.  It is always best to specialize in the area or few areas that you excel in.  If you already have an area or two of specialization, you are ahead of some new coaches for sure!

Our Philosophy:

We believe in the “hybrid coaching”™ model. It combines current, effective coaching models, self-discovery and core competencies taken from Life and Business coaching, incorporated with more traditional coaching and training methodology to provide information and instruction to clients as well.  Our overall philosophy is to improve communications on a holistic, complete level, examining the “3 Vs” – the verbal, the vocal and the visual aspects of communication. 

There are currently two choices for obtaining 3V certification.  They both include some one-on-one time with a 3V Mentor Coach as we believe that is the key to developing coaching comfort, confidence and ultimately competence in the fastest and most effective way.  In future we may add an intensive weekend certification program but for now, please choose between these two choices.

1.  Self-Study Certification Course

At home self-study certification course with some support of a Mentor Coach via email and six 1-hour online coaching sessions.  This is ideal for those who are familiar with/already coaching or have obtained similar certification or training and are looking to build upon that and/or specialize in communication skills.  There is no time limit on obtaining certification – it does not expire. 

2.  New Practice Certification Course

This includes sixteen hours of in-person/online private coaching with a 3V Mentor Coach and 1 year email support with self-study materials, to obtain 3V Communication Coach Certification.  This is ideal for beginners who are unfamiliar with the coaching industry and desire more hands-on coaching and mentoring to get comfortable setting up and running a new coaching business. There is no time limit on obtaining certification – it does not expire. 

What You Receive

Upon successful completion of the above course requirements, graduates receive an official printable Communication Coach certificate (PDF) from 3V Communications. Graduates also receive an emailed 3V Communications logo for use in marketing, are listed on the 3V Communications website under the category ‘Coaches’ and are given permission to use and re-use 3V Communications materials obtained during the course, for marketing, branding and coaching purposes, except for re-selling ebooks. 

Terms for Certification
Our certification program is assessment based.  Assessment-based certificate programs designate that participants have completed education, coursework, curricula, or training that is tied to specific learning or course objectives, and they have passed an end-of-program assessment derived from those objectives.  Upon completion of 3V training modules, exercises and homework, students must demonstrate their competency in the course material.  Upon successful completion students will receive a certificate from 3V Communications Ltd. recognizing them as an accredited CERTIFIED 3V COMMUNICATION COACH™  


3V Communications Ltd. is an international training company recognized today as one of the leading authorities on Communication Coaching. 3V approved courses have met the strict guidelines for effective coach training, business development, ethics, and professional conduct as per the NCCA – the National Communication Coaching Association of Canada, and as such these 3V Communication Coach certification courses are fully accredited by the NCCA.  Upon successful graduation from our certificate training program, new coaches who hold an active NCCA Canada General Membership will be eligible to receive Professional NCCA Communication Coach Designation, and listing on the NCCA website, at no further cost.  Any nationality is welcome to complete this course and will benefit from this official training.  

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What they say…

“I wanted to add to my knowledge and services.  I now find myself observing how people communicate even more.  I also think deeper about what and how I say things.  The 3V materials are clear, concise and easy to understand and implement.  I would highly recommend this course.  Ric is very generous with his knowledge and time.”   K. Abbas (Montreal, QC),

"Ric is a fantastic mentor. His advice on expectations around the coaching industry was invaluable. Ric shared his own experiences and created such a positive and dynamic relationship that I had the feeling that the information given was heartfelt and genuine, and only had my best interests in his heart. Ric's energy is contagious, and it is impossible not to be motivated by him. Finally, I want to thank you, Ric, for all your support and commitment to my career success."  Gabriella Bergamo, BASc, (Toronto/Brazil), Life, Career & Transformational Coach

“Ric, I have thoroughly enjoyed this course so far and it has completely changed my outlook and approach to everyday situations.  Thank you!!”  Kim S. (South Africa)

“I was looking to gain more knowledge in the areas of communication skills coaching and Accent Reduction. Since I completed my degree in 2011 in Speech Language Pathology, I had no experience in the fields of Accent Reduction or Corporate Coaching. Therefore, although my degree provided me with the accreditation and knowledge of how to correct accents and help people with communication skills, I had very little practical experience and exposure to this kind of work. This course helped me reach a market of people that would benefit from my knowledge and expertise. Ric is a great mentor to help you start your business in this field.”  Erica Kogan, M.S. CCC SLP/L Speech Language Pathologist (Montreal/USA), now Accent and Communication Coach too! "

“Taking the 3V Communication Coach Certification Program is an amazing experience. The program is comprehensive, rigorous, well written and thought out. You can do it at your own speed, there’s no deadline and it comes with all the support you want. This program is also very helpful personally, deepening your own experience along with your knowledge and interest in “spreading the word.” It’s an accomplishment!”  Eleanor James, (Toronto),

"This course really complemented my background in teaching business and ESL for many years, to really allow me to feel most comfortable coaching in the corporate world.  I gained some new insights, learned a couple things, and feel confident in the new role.”  Paul Jenkins, (Toronto)

“My goals were to expand my understanding of communication strategies, and learn the structure, tools, tactics, and best practices of coaching and training others.  The coaching really helped build confidence in my communication skills and in my ability to build my own coaching practice. Ric provided the perfect balance of encouragement and constructive feedback. Each E-book provided a thorough explanation of key concepts and I loved that there were exercises throughout to test my knowledge and put new concepts into practice. Ric was wonderful to work with as a Coach. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in his work that I knew I was in good hands.  The certification with 3V Communications and the designation with the NCCA allows me to have the credibility that is important to me as I begin to work with clients. If your goal is to become a communication coach, I highly recommend working with Ric. Not only does he lead a great example through his own coaching style, but his knowledge and passion for helping new coaches allowed me to feel prepared and supported as I stepped into my own coaching career.”  Elisa Proulx, Communication Coach, Edmonton, Alberta