Communication Skills For Managers Workshop


Business runs smoothly when everyone is using professional communication skills.  Without them, business becomes less efficient, less productive and ultimately less profitable.  Enhancing the professional communications of yourself, your managers or other staff will instantly give you the ROI that you can see and hear on a daily basis.  It starts from the top.

Who Will Benefit?

How do leaders become charismatic and get people to understand and follow their vision?  How do good managers direct people to carry out the orders of the day without offending staff or clients?  By developing clear, confident communications, and by understanding how different people at work communicate.  Learn to be a better people-manager. This customizable workshop is great for managers, directors, supervisors, other executives and professionals who must contribute, lead and share with staff and upper management. 

What You Will Learn:

A few of the things you will learn in the Effective Communication Skills For Managers workshop include:

Part One:  The Big Picture

  • Defining effective and professional communication
    • Using the theory of ‘3V Communications’
    • Understanding the communication process and our filters
    • Managing different types of people using key verbal techniques
    • Specific communication and people management tips

Part Two:  Developing People Management Skills

  • Being friendly:  how to be open, engaging and sincere
    • Building rapport:  how to connect to others verbally, vocally and visually
    • Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    • Becoming a great listener:  effectively using active listening skills and reading body language
    • Using the right tone:  email etiquette and professional repair
    • How to disagree agreeably!
    • Quick Quiz and Review!

Part Three:  Managing Staff

  • Delegating:  Our 5 choices
    • Word and phrase choice:  using non-offensive and non-judgmental language
    • Email correction – replacing judgmental wording

Part Four:  Managing Conflict and Difficult People

  • Being assertive but not aggressive
    • Strategies for dealing with difficult people
    • Handling conflict:  how to avoid it and diffuse it using shapes!
    • Step-by-step rules of engagement
    • Conflict management role-play

Part Five:  Coaching Staff

  • Giving and receiving feedback in a positive, constructive way
    • Employee review/staff evaluation meetings
    • Learn the DAWA response to criticism
    • Goal-setting and coaching strategies using the GROW model

Part Six:  Persuading People

  • Influencing others:  how to add persuasion to your communications to help get “buy in” from your team
    • Using the most effective body language for influence and persuasion
    • Advice on negotiations

Workshop Components:

All workshops include:

  • Light PowerPoint
    • Demonstrations
    • Constant group interaction
    • Group participation
    • Workbooks

Required Investment In Time:

This customized workshop runs for 2 full days, usually with a week or two in between (Parts 1 – 3 are Day One, and parts 4 – 6 are Day Two).   It can be segmented for shorter workshops or a mini-series.

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone, online, or face-to-face in Toronto.  Let’s get the conversation started to see if 3V Training is the right option for your team communication improvement needs.