Persuade & Influence Workshop


Influence and Persuasion – this is not manipulation; it is learning how to talk smoothly without arguments to get others to buy in to your ideas and suggestions.  It is about helping others make the right decision.  Influence and persuasion are constantly used effectively in management, sales, presentations, seminars, negotiations and everyday informal conversations to get people to understand the benefits of following your way. 

Why should you study influence and persuasion?  Two reasons:

  1. Because we all need to get more comfortable selling our ideas and convictions. 
  2. Because we all need to try harder to understand what others really want.

Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is ideal for teams involved in management, sales, customer service, training, negotiations, and conflict management.

What You Will Learn:

INTRODUCTION – What are some current challenges to selling, getting buy-in and persuading others?

PART A – Build Rapport – they must like you to be open to you!

  • Starting the conversation off on the right foot
    • Keys to making a winning first impression
    • Increasing your personal charisma
    • Become an expert active listener
    • Exercises to build rapport quickly and covertly:
    • Language choice – NLP modalities and favourite phrases
    • Physiology
    • Voice and breath, energy
    • Information size
    • Common experiences

PART B – Persuasion

  • Aristotle’s 3 mandatory points of persuasion
    • Creating a short paragraph for yourself to help you sell/persuade
    • The 6 Principles of Persuasion:  How to Sell Anything – Including Your Ideas & Yourself
    • Try it out!

PART C – Sales techniques

  • Characteristics of Super Sales people
    • The 5 buyer types to recognize
    • Listening for key benefits and hot buttons while in conversation

Workshop Components:

All workshops include:

  • Light PowerPoint and/or workbook
    • Demonstrations/role-plays
    • Constant group interaction
    • Group participation
    • Take-away notes for future reference

Required Investment In Time

This interactive workshop may be run part-day (suggested 3 hours), two separate part-days, or one full-day (6 hours of training).  Please inquire to discuss tailoring it to your organizations’ needs.

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