Podium Power Public Speaking Workshop


Are you unsure how your team’s speaking/presenting is coming across, or need to improve their impact? Would you like the team members to be seen as confident, trust-worthy, and persuasive leaders when they speak, present or pitch?

This workshop will guide them in the development of better public speaking, pitching and presentation skills, with and without a slide deck like PowerPoint. It will help individuals manage their public speaking jitters (if any) and provide tools to ensure a strong message is organized for impact and given with clear diction, a calm voice, and confident body language, with and without slides.

Who Will Benefit?

This training workshop is ideal for people that must do a lot of public speaking with their team and clients, stakeholders, at meetings, formal presentations, pitches, PowerPoint, proposals, keynote addresses, M.C. duties, academic presentations, media relations, or are in the media, politics, etc.  Accent reduction can also be added for those who use English as a second language.

What You Will Learn:

A few of the things you will learn in the the Podium Power workshop include:

  • How to manage the fear of pubic speaking
    • Verbal techniques to add power and persuasion
    • How to structure a winning talk/presentation, small or large
    • How to motivate and influence others
    • Vocal techniques to sound calm, clear and confident
    • How to use advanced body language to build rapport and trust
    • How to use visual aids and hand-outs
    • How to make your slides not boring
    • Participant feedback and instructor 3V analysis of performances

Workshop Components:

All 3V workshops are customized to your company and industry needs.  Workshops include light PowerPoint, handouts or workbooks, and are dynamic and interactive.  Please contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements and our options further. 

Required Investment In Time:

We recommend two sessions.  The first should be a half or full day (1-6 hours) with a follow up half or full day a week or two later, for review, individual performances and feedback.

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone, online, or face-to-face in Toronto.  Let’s get the conversation started to see if 3V Training is the right option for your team communication improvement needs.