Mini-Masterclass Video Course for Managers

Are you a (new) manager, supervisor or team leader, and need to polish your communication skills? Perhaps improve they way you read, then lead your team? Key communication skills will definitely help.

This unique video mini-masterclass is a 5-part series that covers all the essential communication skills that managers need to become more effective leaders.

You’ll learn how to:

We Stand With Ukraine

We are shocked and saddened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and inspired by the incredible leadership and resilience of the Ukrainian people. We are also seeing and hearing of many Russians who are against this war, and protest at the risk of their freedom.  The Russian people should not be wholly judged based on their current President and government.  Allies are everywhere.  We #StandWithUkraine - and we can donate to the Canadian Red Cross to help, with this link:

3V Founder, President Ranked 13 in World of Communication Professionals

Global Gurus ranked 3V Communications founder Ric Phillips the #13 Communication Professional in the world for 2022! Strict criteria for selection include being a published author, sharing original thought leadership pieces, and the public vote.  Thank you to all mentors, readers, clients and supporters!


Learn to Just Say Yes

Many people in business, customer service or other people-facing roles do not know how to say yes.  I don't mean to accept something, I literally mean that they seemingly do not know the word "yes."  They say "yip", "yup", "yeah", "uhuh", "okay" and a few other similar responses, but for some reason they never learned, or more likely (all kidding aside) they didn't develop the habit of saying the proper word "yes" when doing business. 

What's the difference?