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Train your staff, managers or department team in the art of what to say and not to say, how to start a memorable conversation with anyone (like new clients, vendors or stakeholders), and never let the dreaded silence fill the air again.

It takes just a few seconds for people to make up their mind about you and your company brand. If you want to make a winning first impression each time you meet new people, learn the secrets of first impression management. After all, life is series of first impressions, over and over again! Read people accurately, build honest rapport, and be more charismatic with this training.

Who Will Benefit? 

This corporate workshop is for teams looking to increase their ability to positively and effectively meet and greet new people and leave them impressed and wanting more. It’s ideal for those who have a lot of face-time with staff and clients in Sales, Customer Service, Training and Management. It has proven results with those who consider themselves shy and/or introverted too.

What You Will Learn:

A few of the things you will learn in The Art of Small Talk include:

  • Personal Communication Skills Assessment
    • Defining Communication and the 3V effect
    • Small talk skills – the 3Vs (Verbal, Vocal, Visual)
    • Why should I bother to chit-chat?
    • Finding the appropriate voice (rhythm, speed, volume, intonation, etc.)
    • How do I make the first move in different scenarios (networking function, business lunch, client meeting, etc.)
    • How to generate conversation topics quickly and with ‘flow’
    • Small talk helpers – useful phrases to start a conversation
    • Choosing the correct order of topics to discuss without offending others
    • Becoming an expert active listener
    • Using a Small Talk Recording Sheet
    • Body language to use during the approach and the engagement of small talk
    • First Impressions Assessment – where are you now?
    • Golden rules of first impression management
    • Memorizing the 4 social gifts and using them in daily emails and interactions
    • Managing non-verbal communication in the environment
    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) fundamentals for building instant rapport
    • Group role-plays and diagnostic feedback
    • Recommended resources to continue your development

Program Components:

All workshops include:

  • Light PowerPoint
    • Demonstrations
    • Constant group interaction
    • Group participation
    • Take-away notes for future reference 

Required Investment In Time:

This workshop may be run as a half-day (1-4 hours) or as a full day. Please inquire for more details.

Please Contact us today for a free consultation via phone, online, or face-to-face in Toronto. Let’s get the conversation started to see if 3V Training is the right option for your team communication improvement needs.